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1. ( Q 119) -  Reason for 70% of coral reefs killed in lakshadeep and andaman

TNPSC answer : A - Global warming
Correct Answer . B - Acid Rain
Source : Samacheer 10th social science book, geogrpahy part, lesson 6 , page number 185 in english medium book

2. ( Q. 182)  - Which one of the following articles prohibits employment of children below age of 14 in factory or mine

TNPSC answer : A - Article 23
Correct answer :  B - article 24 
Source : Indian constitution , Also samacheer social science english medium 8th std book, civics section, page 149

3. ( Q. 185) - Green house effect is due to increase in 1. Carbon di oxide 2. Nitrous oxide 3. Methane 4.sulphur di oxide

TNPSC answer : A- I is correct
Correct answer : C - I, II, III is correct
Source : Samacheer english medium 9th science book, chapter 8, page 125

4. ( Q 186) - Optical fibres used as a medium for telecommunications is made from 

TNPSC answer : D - plastic wire
Correct answer : A - Dispersion Glass
Source :   8th samacheer science book, english medium, page number:233, chapter 15, sub heading 15.7 ( science today )

5. ( Q 191) - Which metal will melt on palm of the hand ?

TNPSC answer : A - Mercury
Correct answer : C - Gallium
Source : Samacheer 9th science book, chapter 12, page number 175


6.The largest tropical savanna grass land are seen in 
tnpsc ans: Australia
Book ans: Africa
Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia have the largest total area in grassland, 14.5 and 8.9 million square kilometers


7. Rainfall and Temperature varies from place to place and time to time..but climate does not varies from place to place and time to time


8. Antibodies collected from different organisms and injected in the form of VACCINE is ARTIFICIAL,ACTIVE IMMUNITY..(source - 12th zoology book, page no ,148

Antibodies collected from different organisms and injected in the ------------------


Adaptive immunity may be

active or passiveActive immunity is

due to the immune response generated in the individual in question by a



or vaccine, whereas passive immunity is conferred by transfer

of immune products, like

antibodies, etc., from an individual into a

non-immune individual 
..(source - 12th zoology book in English Medium, page no ,146




8. When antibodies, extracted from some other animal is injected into your body, what kind of immunity do you gain?


Artificial active acquired immunity,

Artificial passive acquired immunity,


Natural active acquired immunity,

                    Natural passive acquired immunity.


this question is given in  Samacheer 10th science book page no ,31


Ans :

If the readymade antibody is given to an individual

artificially, (produced in some other animal and extracted) it is called Artificial Passive Acquired

this answer is given in Samacheer 10th science book page no ,28








1) Aruvamanaiyin arugil anna kayiru irundhadhu
(it is araingyan kayiru ......) answer is B





1) oases, terminuses, maidservants, fairies all are correct plural forms, so the qn is wrong.

2) ‎"Gripe" means objecting, arguing, complaining.........



Other mistakes if any in GK, GT & GE WILL BE UDATED SOON.

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