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தேர்வுகளுக்கு விடைகள் தமிழ் மற்றும் ஆங்கிலத்தில் கொடுக்கப்படும்.

தேர்வுகளை கீழ்க்கண்ட இரண்டு வழிகளில் எழுதலாம்.

1) தேர்வு PORTION-ஐ நன்கு படித்து SPOT TEST எழுதலாம். (PREFERABLE)

2) கேள்வித் தாளைப் பெற்று தயார் செய்து பிறகு எழுதலாம். 

Totally 40 TEST ( All 3 Hours Tests)  : For 31 TOPICS WISE Tests, You will get Solution in Eng/Tamil Medium.

மொத்தம் 40 அனைத்தும் 3 மணி நேரத் தேர்வுகள்.




எவ்வாறு சேர்வது - இங்கே கிளிக் செய்யவும் - HOW TO ENROLL & PAY CLICK



TEST- 01                           Modern history of india and Indian culture

Advent of European invasion - Expansion and consolidation of British rule - Early uprising against British rule - 1857 Revolt - Indian National Congress - Growth of militant movements - Different modes of agitations - Emergence of national leaders - Gandhi, Nehru, Tagore, Netaji, Moulana Abulkalam Azad, Ambedkar and Patel - Era of different Acts & Pacts - Second World War & final phase struggle - Communalism led to partition.


TEST-02                       Modern history of india and Indian culture

Effect of British rule on socio-economic factors - National renaissance - Socio religious reform movements.

India since independence - Characteristics of Indian culture - Unity in diversity - Race, Language, Religion Custom - India : a secular state - Organizations for fine arts, dance, drama and music.

Role of Tamil Nadu in freedom struggle - Bharathiar, VOC, Subramania Siva, Rajaji, Periyar and others - Political parties and Welfare schemes.


TEST- 03                                    General Aptitude & mental ability (sslc standard)

Percentage - Highest Common Factor (HCF) - Lowest Common Multiple (LCM) - Ratio and Proportion - Simple interest - Compound interest - Area - Volume - Time and Work - Probability


TEST-04    Indian polity and emerging political trends across the world affecting india

Constitution of India: Historical background - Making of the Indian Constitution - Preamble - Salient features of the Indian Constitution - Fundamental Rights and Fundamental Duties - Directive Principles of State Policy - Schedules to the Indian Constitution

Union Executive: President, Vice-President, Prime Minister and Council of Ministers, Attorney General of India

Union Legislature: Parliament: Lok - Sabha and Rajya - Sabha - Composition, Powers, Functions and Legislative procedures.

Union Judiciary: Structure, Powers and Fucntions of the Supreme Court - Judicial Review - Latest Verdicts.

State Executive: Governor, Chief Minister - Speaker and Council of Ministers, Advocate General of the State.

State Legislature: State Legislative Assembly - Organization, Powers and Functions

State Judiciary: Organisation, Powers and Functions of High Courts, District Courts and Subordinate Courts

Local Government: Historical Development - Features and working of 73rd and 74th Constitutional Amendment Act, 1992

Union Territories: Evolution of states and Union Territories - Administration of Union Territories.

Federalism in India: Centre - State Relations - Centre - State Administrative Relations - Centre - State Legislative Relations and Centre - State Financial Relations.

Civil Services in India: Historical background - Classification of Civil Services - Recruitment & Training of Civil Servants

State Services: Classification of State Services and Recruitment

Official Language: Constitutional provision - Official Language Act, VIII Schedule to the Constitution

Amendments: Major Amendments to the Indian Constitution

Special Status to Jammu & Kashmir: Art 370


TEST- 05                   Role and impact of science and technology in the development of india

            Science and Technology - Role, Achievements and Developments - Their applications and effects in everyday life - Energy - Conventional and Non-conventional - Self sufficiency - Oil exploration - Defence Research Organizations and other science and technology institutions - Ocean Research and Development - Role and Functions.

            Advancements in the fields of I.T., Space, Computers, Robotics, Nano-Technology - Mobile Communication - Remote sensing and its benefits.


TEST-  06                      Role and impact of science and technology in the development of india

Health and hygiene - Human diseases - Prevention and remedies - Communicable diseases and non-communicable diseases - Genetic Engineering - Organ transplantation - Stem cell Technology - Medical Tourism - Advancements in Horticulture & Agriculture.

Achievements of Indians in the fields of Science and Technology.

Latest inventions in science & technology.


TEST-07      Geography of india with special reference to tamilnadu

            Location - Physical features - Major Rivers - Weather & Climater - Monsoon, Rainfall - Natural resources: - Soil, Water, Forest, Minerals and Wild life - Agricultural pattern - Livestock - Fisheries - Industries; Major industries - Growth and Development -


TEST-08   Geography of india with special reference to tamilnadu

Social - Cultural geography - Population: Growth, Density and Distribution - Racial, linguistic and major tribes.

 Oceanography - Bottom relief features of Indian Ocean, Arabian sea and Bay of Bengal.

Basics of Geospatial Technology: Geographical Information System (GIS) and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS).

Map: Geographical landmarks - India and its neighbours


TEST- 09     Enviornment, biodiversity and disaster management

Ecology: Structure and function of Ecosystem - Ecological succession - Biodiversity conservation: Types - Biodiversity Hot Spots in India - Biodiversity: Significance and Threats - In situ and Ex situ conservation measures - Roles of Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) & Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).

Environmental Pollution and Management: Air, Water, Soil, Thermal and Noise pollution and control strategies - Solid and Hazardous waste management


TEST- 10     Social issues in india and tamilnadu

            Population Explosion - Unemployment issues in India & Tamil Nadu - Child Abuse & Child Labour - Poverty - Rural and Urban Sanitation - Illiteracy.

            Women Expowerment - Role of the Government in Women Empowerment - Social injustice to Women - Domestic violence, Dowry menace, Sexual assault - Role of women and women’s organisations

            Social changes in India - Urbanization and its impact on the society - Problems and remedies


TEST- 11 Enviornment, biodiversity and disaster management

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA): Steps in EIA process - Enviornmental Clearance - Environmental Auditing.

Climate Change: Global Environmental Issues and Management - Changes in monsoon pattern in Tamilnadu and India - Environmental consequences of climate change and mitigation measures - Clean and Green Energy - Environmental Sustainability.

Environmental Laws, Policies & Treaties in India and Global scenario - Natural calamities and Disaster Management - Environmental Health and Sanitation


TEST- 12                                  General Aptitude & mental ability (sslc standard)

Conversion of information to data - Collection, compilation and presentation of data - Tables, Graphs, Diagrams - Parametric representation of data - Analytical interpretation of data - 

Information technology - Basic terms, Communications - Application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) - Decision making and problem solving - Basics in Computers / Computer terminology.


TEST- 13  Social issues in india and tamilnadu

Impact of violence on Society - Religious violence, Terrorism and Communal violence - Regional Disparities - Problems of Minorities - Human Rights issues.

            Education - Linkage between Education and Social Development - Community Development Programmes - Employment Guarantee Schemes - Self Employment and Entrepreneurship Development - Role of N.G.Os in Social Welfare - Government Policy on Health.           

 Welfare Schemes for vulnerable sections of the population by the Central and State governments and their performance.


 TEST-14         Tamil society - ITS culture and heritage

தமிழ்ச்சமூகம் அதன் பண்பாடு மற்றும் பாரம்பரியம்

Candidates may answer the questions in the unit either in Tamil or in English.

1)     Tamil Society: Origin and expansion

தமிழ்ச்சமுதாயம்: தோற்றமும் பரவலும்

2)     Art and Culture: Literature, Music, Film, Drama, Architecture, Sculpture, Paintings and Folk Arts

கலை மற்றும் பண்பாடுகள்: இலக்கியம், இசை, திரைப்படம், நாடகம், கட்டிடக் கலை, சிற்பம், ஓவியம் மற்றும் நாட்டுப்புறக் கலைகள்

3)     Socio - economic history of Tamil Nadu from Sangam age to till date.

சங்க காலத்திலிருந்து தற்போது வரையுள்ள தமிழகத்தின் சமூக பொருளாதார வரலாறு

4)     Growth of Rationalist, Dravidian movements in Tamil Nadu - Their role in the socio - economic development of Tamilnadu

பகுத்தறிவாளர்களின் வளர்ச்சி, தமிழ்நாட்டில் திராவிட இயக்கங்கள், தமிழ்நாட்டின் சமூக பொருளாதார மேம்பாட்டிற்கு அவர்களின் பங்களிப்புகள்

5)     Social and cultural life of contemporary Tamils: Caste, Religion, Women, Politics, Education, Economy, Trade and relationship with other countries.

தற்கால தமிழர்களின் சமூக கலாச்சார வாழ்க்கை: சாதி மதம், பெண்கள், அரசியல், கல்வி, பொருளாதாரம், வர்த்தகம் மற்றும் பிற நாட்டினுடனான உறவுகள்

6)     Tamil and other Disciplines: Mass Media, Computer etc.

தமிழும் பிற துறைகளும், வெகுஜன ஊடகம், கணினி மற்றும் பல


TEST-15  Indian polity and emerging political trends across the world affecting india

Political Parties: National & Regional parties, Pressure Groups, Interest Groups, Public Opinion, Mass Media, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and their role.

Issue Areas in Indian Administration: Corruption in India - Anti - Corruption Measures - CVC - Lok Adalats - Ombudsman - RTI Act - Minister - Secretary Relationship - Generalist Vs. Specialist controversy.

Constitutional and Non-Constitutional Bodies - Composition, Powers and Functions

Profile of States - Defence, National Security and Terrorism - World Organisations - Pacts and Summits

India’s Foreign Policy: Foreign Affairs with Special emphasis on India’s relations with neighbouring countries and in the region - Security and defence related issues - Nuclear Policy - Issues and conflicts. The Indian Diaspora and its contribution to India and to the World.


TEST-16  Indian economy - current economy trends and impact of global economy on india

            Features of Indian Economy - Demographical profile of India - National Income - Capital formation - NEP (New Economic Policy) - NITI AYOG - National Development Council

            Agriculture - Role of Agriculture - Land reforms - New Agricultural Strategy - Green Revolution - Price Policy, Public Distribution System (PDS), Subsidy, Food Security - Agricultural Marketing, Crop Insurance, Labour - Rural credit & indebtness - WTO & Agriculture.

            Industry - Growth - Policy - Role of public sector and disinvestment - Privatisation and Liberalization - Public Private Partnership (PPP) - SEZs. - MSMEs. - Make in India

            Infrastructure in India - Transport System - Energy - Power - Communication - Social Infrastructure - Science & Technology - R&D.

            Banking & Finance - Banking, Money & Finance - Central Bank - Commercial Bank - NBFIs - Stock Market - Financial Reforms - Financial Stability - Monetary Policy - RBI & Autonomy.

            Public Finance - Sources of Revenue - Tax & Non-Tax Revenue - Canons of taxation - GST - Public expenditure - Public expenditure - Public debt - Finance Commission - Fiscal Policy.


TEST-17  Indian economy - current economy trends and impact of global economy on india

Issues in Indian Economy - Poverty & inequality - Poverty alleviation programmes - MGNREGA - New Welfare programmes for rural poverty - Unemployment - Inflation - Inflation targeting - Sustainable economic growth - Gender issues.

            India’s Foreign Trade - BOP, EX-IM Policy, FOREX Market, FDI; Globalization & its impact - Global economic crisis & impact on Indian economy.

International Agencies - IMF (International Monetary Fund) World Bank - BRICS - SAARC - ASEAN

            Tamil Nadu Economy & Issues - Gross State Domestic Product - Trends in State’s economic growth - Demographic profile of Tamil Nadu - Agriculture - Industry & entrepreneurship development in Tamil Nadu - Infrastructure - Power, Transportation systems - Social Infrastructure - SHGs. & Rural Women empowerment - Rural poverty & unemployment - Environmental issues - Regional economic disparities - Local Goverment - Recent government welfare programmes.


TEST-18   Modern history of india and Indian culture

TEST-19   Social issues in India and Tamil Nadu

TEST-20   General Aptitude & Mental Ability (SSLC Standard)

TEST-21   Indian Polity and emerging political trends across the world affecting India

TEST-22   Role and impact of Science and Technology in the development of India

TEST-23   Tamil Society - Its Culture and Heritage

TEST-24   Geography of India with special reference to Tamil Nadu

TEST-25   Environment, Bio Diversity and Disaster Management

TEST-26   Indian Economy - Current economic trends and impact of global economy on India
















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